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A unique concept of calling, analyzing and reminding farmers over telephone to suggest the remedy measures for prevailing problems and thus improve crop yield. NOVA is a self committed Organization for continuous development of farming community in agriculture and agriculture related sector by transferring world class technologies and ideology through various means of communication to the farming community. In continuation to accomplish our vision, “NOVA RYTHU SEVA KENDRAM (NRSK)” a dedicated service center with Agriculture Professionals for on time consulting and suggestions regarding any aspect in agriculture has been established. .  

'AGRI CLINIC' -Monthly Agriculture Magazine 

• A Telugu monthly magazine dedicated for transferring world class information and technology regarding up-coming trends and techniques in agri and agri related sectors.
• Identifying and recognizing farmers for their achievements in implementing self developed techniques in obtaining better yields.
• Publishing interview of achievers of Agri and Agri related sectors to bring them into limelight
• Motivating farmers to practice eco friendly organic farming


Solving plant problems is our business. Having R & D farms in and around Hyderabad, along with well-equipped farm machineries and storage facilities, Nova Agritech Pvt. Ltd is able to meet future prospects. We have a full fledged Laboratory, with qualified technical staff to carry our R&D on Seeds, Bio-products and many other Agri inputs with an integrated approach towards sustainable agriculture. 

  • Strengthening products with continuous R & D to develop Eco friendly product
  • Focus on solving Agri & Agri related problems through Organic solution
  • Having R & D farms in and around Hyderabad
  • Well-equipped farm machineries and storage facilities
  • Working to meet future prospects and challenges
  • Professionally qualified staff
  • In house and testing facility
  • Associated with world class testing Laboratories for International standard testing


We specialize in the diagnosis and remediation of plant problems at the farm level. Our staff of highly qualified technical professionals can efficiently assist farmers, farm owners, landscape businesses, government agencies and real estate managers in controlling pests through customized Integrated Pest Management Plans. Our approach is towards sustainable agriculture with our own IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and IRM (Integrated Resistance Management) plans

  • Going forward for sustainable agriculture with our own unique IPM(Integrated Pest Management) & IRM (Integrated Resistance Management) concept.
  • Specialized staff for diagnosis and remediation at farm level
  • Our well experienced staff can effectively assist farmers, farm owners, Landscape business, Govt. agencies etc


Nova Agritech Pvt.Ltd conducts various standard quality analysis tests in the ‘State of the Art laboratory’. These tests are conducted by highly qualified and experienced technical staff. The tests are also conducted at the field level with the help of special customized kits to evaluated performance of the bio-products at the field level.     


We have taken up Parental seed multiplication programs. The high level genetic and physical purity of the parental seed is evaluated and standardized at the customer level. With determined panning and confirmation Nova Agritech Pvt.Ltd is supplying parent seeds.


Having Green house and Bio-assay tests we evaluate the germplasm for different parameters. The results are accurate as these tests are conducted by our technical staffs who are well experienced at our R&D farms. Based on the different parameters that are set for product testing and production we take up agronomic trials. We test for products adaptability, resistance to biotic and abiotic stress, yield, etc in different seasons and these are conducted as multi-location trials.


An attempt to transform an ordinary plot of land into a quiet refuge of splendour passes through many aspects of work, from concept to completion. The practice followed ranges from environment impact studies, landscape master plans to detailed implementation of ideas.
Our innovative use of natural shapes and textures brings in a subtle contrast to the surrounding areas. Our landscape designers will work to translate your dreams into a natural setting that will grow in beauty with each passing season

  • Increase the pace and effectiveness of land protection.
  • Inspire and inform place-based conservation action.
  • Focus on concept to completion
  • Our innovative use of natural shapes and textures brings in a subtle contrast to the surrounding areas
  • Well designed to grow in beauty with all seasons
  • TURNKEY process
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